OPINION: Are we swapping chocolate eggs for healthy options?

IT'S Easter and the eggs have filled the supermarket shelves but it got me thinking this week- is the Easter tradition of splurging on chocolates dying?

It seems to me people are making the healthy choice to cut back on their sugar filled chocolate eggs this Easter.

While Easter has always been a time of celebration and the tradition of feasting on chocolate has been established for many years, sugar and cutting it out of diets is a hot topic these days.

It makes me wonder if people are swapping eggs for other options?

I know when we were growing up my grandmother would literally spoil us rotten with a sugar overload at Easter time down at the beach house.

As a kid it was the best!

Are we swapping chocolate eggs for healthier options? Brett Wortman

The hard candy eggs were a favourite for some of my little cousins (their poor teeth!)              

It was the only time we were allowed to have so much sugar, which I think is okay because it was a treat.

The New Zealand government's top child health expert have this week backed calls for schools to go sugar-free.

I think that would be a hard one to tackle but not impossible.

As an adult who is conscious about eating a balanced diet, I believe the celebrations of Easter shouldn't stop, however I admit I won't touch certain chocolate eggs these days.

I will always trade a cheap and nasty tasting egg for a beautiful Lindt bunny or dark chocolate variety.

Do you think people are making healthier Easter egg choices? Has the way you celebrated Easter changed over the years?

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