OPINION: Being a bad parker is terrifying

THERE are few things which strike fear into my heart like a full car park on a  hot day.

I am a bad parker. 

No two ways about it, it's something I am going to and will always own.

I'm the kind of person who sees a single free parallel park and decides walking an extra two blocks is good for my health.

The same excuse I use when I park in the farthest corner of the shopping centre car park.

When I finally do find a space, preferably with two empty spaces either side, I will spend far too long trying to edge my way in.

Once in, I open my door to check the line.

If I'm not straight, there is a little back and forth dance while I try to get in the correct position.

You won't believe how this driver parked at the shops

It's embarrassing.

Sure, the walking is good for me but I'm not fooling anyone.

I take all these avoidance steps just because I'm shaking with fear about my bad parking.

I can't think of anything worse than damaging someone else's car due to my lack of spatial awareness. 

The mortification that comes people watching me fail spectacularly entering a parallel park is paralysing.

So, I do all I can to avoid those situations.

I don't know whether this a good or bad thing.

But, in the end, avoidance means I'm not hurting anyone's car with my lack of ability to get between two lines.

I'm also getting more exercise.