OPINION: Can we all try to drive a little bit safer?

WE all have a tendency to forget how dangerous driving can be.

I was reminded while driving on the Maryborough-Hervey Bar Rd on Tuesday.

A vehicle behind me decided to overtake me and a truck in front of me, but they had left it a little late.

The overtaking lane ended and the driver ran out of space and was forced to cross over double white lines to get around the truck.

A few second after they pulled back to the correct side of the road, a car travelling in the opposite direction drove by.

I wonder if their heart was in their mouth.

I had hit the brake while watching the other vehicle try to get around the truck, knowing it could all end badly in a matter of seconds.

The interesting thing is that I overtook the truck on the next overtaking lane and made to Hervey Bay at the exact same time as the car that could have caused a crash.

Chatting with Hervey Bay Senior Constable Paul Cross, he mentioned that crossing double white lines would cost a driver $227 and three demerit points.

We were taking in relation to another story regarding a video that was shared to the Fraser Coast Brickbats and Bouquets Facebook page.

The video showed two motorcyclists on the Bruce Highway taking up both the left hand lane and the overtaking lane, preventing another vehicle from passing.

That behaviour could have cost them $76 and two demerit points, according to Snr Const Cross.

I'm not a perfect driver - no one is.

But I do question why vehicles, such as the one I witnessed on the Maryborough-Hervey Bay Rd, try to overtake when it's clearly not safe.

And I'll never understand why people such as those motorcyclists go out of their way to frustrate other drivers.

We all need to consider our actions on the road and what effect we have on other road users.

It's not good enough to put others in a dangerous position or be inconsiderate of other road users.

We can all do better.  

Do you think we all need to drive a little safer on our roads? Join the discussion and tell us below.