OPINION: Councillor bickering bad for the region

WHILE your well-paid councillors fight about sports precincts and lodge complaints about each other, the Fraser Coast suffers.

Besides an Emerging Communities Strategy endorsed in the council's meeting this month, there have been no major progressive decisions made since councillors took office.

Instead, they have spent their time bickering about not becoming deputy mayor, continuing the fight against the sport precinct (despite losing for the ninth time) or moving motions to de-amalgamate the region.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment the common sense council train fell off the rails.

There are a handful of complaints with the Department of Local Government under consideration.

Mayor Chris Loft and councillor Stuart Taylor have traded complaints.

The complaint about Rolf Light releasing sport precinct documents has not been finalised.

Stephen Johnson and the Department of Local Government must sort this mess out.

Ratepayers and the region cannot wait four years.