Opinion: I don’t understand our obsession with guns

Comment by editor Adam Wratten

THIS week in a Bundaberg court Ashley Robert Charles K Houghton pleaded guilty to dangerous conduct with a weapon and wilful damage.

Houghton, armed with little more than a M4 rifle gel blaster, pointed the device at his neighbour and threatened to shoot. The neighbour quickly left the scene, the court heard.

I see our region recently had a gel blaster shop open.

While I'm in support of almost any new business, for the life of me I'm not sure how a company can survive purely by selling these gel blaster devices.

I saw one close up for the first time about a week ago.

I'm no trained sniper, but it looked pretty authentic to me and I'd easily mistake it for a real gun.

Having seen the impact of the little pellets, I'm pretty comfortable they don't do real harm.

But, it's a sad fact that too many people in our world are obsessed by guns.

I've no idea why. It worries me that these blasters will cause more alarm, like it did in the court case. No-one wants to be a stick in the mud, but is this message normalising guns one we really want to send?