THERE were tears in my eyes when I watched the video of the transformation of the Harris family's backyard.

The lives, and home, of Aedan Harris and his parents Donna and Cameron have been changed forever and that is all thanks to local businesses (big and small) and local people all driven by local charity Rally For A Cause and the Dunga Derby.

I'm sure many of our readers already know Aedan's story of living with cerebral palsy and the struggles his parents have faced over the years.

But to see $100,000 of donated materials from a wide range of businesses and everyone willing to chip in to do their part has been awe-inspiring.

How local businesses transformed the Harris family's lives

When I spoke to Cameron Harris yesterday, he described it as "like winning the Lotto".

This is the true definition of community spirit.

It makes me even more proud to say I live on the Fraser Coast when we have groups like this making a real difference.

Mick Irwin and all of the team behind Rally For A Cause should be commended for their vision and in their co-ordination of supportive local business to help a family who deserves it most.