OPINION: I'm not a fan, but I see why many support Pauline

I DO not support Pauline Hanson, but I understand why so many people on the Fraser Coast are backing her.

I consider myself a fairly progressive person; I have a helix piercing and happily receive my regular emails from GetUp! about alleged atrocities committed by mining companies in Outback Queensland.

So it's probably not groundbreaking that I am yet to agree with a word that comes out of Pauline Hanson's mouth.

From her claims women make "frivolous" domestic violence assertions, to her warnings about our country being "swamped" by Muslims. I don't like it.

However, as much as I would love to stick my fingers in my pierced ears and pretend everyone around me agrees with my point of view, that's obviously not the case, especially here on the Fraser Coast.

And I understand why.

Let's have a look at the Fraser Coast; topping the charts for unemployment, obesity, self-harm, diabetes, chronic illness ...

The list goes on, and the list doesn't seem to change.

It was made clear at the last Federal Election that our region felt disgruntled and neglected by the two major political parties, with one in five people in the region voting for One Nation.

While both Labor and the LNP have implemented helping-hands and funding boosts to improve the depressing statistics, our unemployment status is almost double the state average (10.7% compared with the state average of 5.7%), and PHN has reported our rate of mental health conditions is one of the worst in Australia.

So when outspoken Pauline, or an equally outspoken One Nation candidate, comes along claiming to bypass political correctness, offering bold ideas unheard of by other politicians in the area, of course the community is going to lend them an ear.

I might not agree with Pauline and her party's ideas and policies, but like a lot of people in this community, I do think something has to change if we are ever going to become the great region we hope to be.