OPINION: I'm worried about roaming children

AM I the only one worried about the roaming children in our area?

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving on Ferry St when I noticed a group of kids on bikes riding around after 8pm.

These kids would barely have been teenagers.

I've seen kids even younger wandering the streets of Hervey Bay.

I don't want to be one of those people who blame the parents but it does genuinely make one wonder where they are and why these kids are riding bikes and loitering outside businesses after dark.

My parents would have kicked me up the backside if they didn't know where I was during the day, let alone wandering the streets at night.

The kids on their bikes were lucky they were in a well-lit area, because riding in the middle of a road after dark is a good way to get struck by a car.

They usually have no lights or reflective material on their bikes and many of them don't bother with helmets.

Aren't any of these parents worried about where their children are or whether some strange person will snatch one of them?

I know it takes a village, but I doubt these children would listen to me if I told them to go home.

I've copped dirty looks and middle fingers when I've questioned kids about wearing their helmets.

Is calling the police extreme if it helps save a child's life?

Or is that a waste of their time?

I fear unless we can address the issue of children wandering our streets at night, sooner or later there will be a tragedy.

How can we address this issue? Do we need more activities for kids in this town?