OPINION: Mayor's Brisbane dining could cost more than dollars

OPINION: Mayor Gerard O'Connell's fundraising lunch in Brisbane did him no favours in the Fraser Coast community.

About 24 businesspeople paid $500 to join Cr O'Connell for lunch at the Eagle St Pier.

The success of the lunch could be a pyrrhic victory for the O'Connell camp.

Dollars raised aside, his public perception may have taken a hit with a lot of the Fraser Coast community wondering why it was held in Brisbane rather than the Fraser Coast.

Luncheon events are an important part of fundraising, a lot of mayors and premiers do it.

The difference is, those events are usually held in their community and early in the campaign.

Why would the incumbent mayor of the Fraser Coast travel to one of Brisbane's classiest restaurants to schmooze foreign businesspeople; with only three weeks to go before the elections?

Financing and campaign strategy should be sorted by now.

Defending holding the luncheon in Brisbane, Cr O'Connell said the campaign was "expensive to run" and some people in the city were interested in his plans going forward.

Both of these points are perfectly reasonable; the guests may have a vested interest in the Fraser Coast and its next mayor.

Cr O'Connell's pro-infrastructure policy and developer incentives scheme means he is viewed favourably in the investment community.

That's why the Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce is strongly in favour of the incumbent.

He is hosting another event on the Fraser Coast, but Cr O'Connell's trip to Brisbane for lunch has done him no favours amongst the regular community.

Money is important; but not as important as the perception he has deceived the Fraser Coast by wining and dining in Brisbane.

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