Hervey Bay's Bachelorette contestant Mitch Gould.
Hervey Bay's Bachelorette contestant Mitch Gould. Contributed

OPINION: Mitch gives glimpse behind Bachelorette curtains

FINDING love isn't easy, especially on a reality TV show.

Mitch Gould gave me a fascinating glimpse behind the curtains of The Bachelorette when we had a chat after he was ousted from the mansion last night.

The Hervey Bay man clearly felt chemistry with Angie Kent and probably could have spent more time getting to know her on the show.

But I think the format can only work for some.

Competing against other personalities and distractions for five minutes of time with the one lady they all want would be overwhelming.

Swanning around a mansion with full access to a gym and a pool sounds pretty good in theory.

After three weeks with no connection to the outside world, however, it's not surprising to hear it could be a bit boring.

Mitch said three weeks felt more like three months.

I'm sorry his journey is over - it's been an entertaining couple of weeks watching the barman from the Torquay Hotel try to capture the bachelorette's heart.

He was able to give some fun insights into personalities in the house - Noosa councillor Jess Glasgow really is creepy, Fireman Jamie really is clingy and the whole thing is a little strange.

But Mitch also made good mates and many of the blokes were as likeable as they appear.

And unlike Mr Glasgow, he did his region proud during his time on the show.