OPINION: Power price promises start to sound hollow

IF YOU want to score some points, promise lower power prices.

This tried and true method is employed regularly in political debates. Especially when speaking to those in regional Queensland, the cost of electricity comes up on repeat.

And why not? There is no getting around it - power prices are a top priority for people in this state.

They should be at the top of our politicians' lists, too.

We must be careful, however, of oversimplifying the issue of energy.

Hinkler MP Keith Pitt's push for an inquiry into nuclear power has made for interesting discussion about the risks versus rewards of this type of energy.


DIABETES CLINIC: Hinkler MP Keith Pitt making his election-eve promise of a new diabetes clinic for the Hinkler region yesterday.
POWERFUL PROMISE: Hinkler MP Keith Pitt says exploring nuclear power could help bring electricity prices down. Blake Antrobus

Any discussion of nuclear energy will send minds straight to Chernobyl or Fukushima.

State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Minister Cameron Dick has made this link himself.

But while fear is never a good tool for policy-making, neither is oversimplification.

Boiling the issue of nuclear power down to "lower prices" is just as unhelpful as making it all about devastating meltdowns.