OPINION: Should society give dads more praise?

WHILE I know there are plenty of hard-working mums in the community, what about the dads?

When I was out and about this week I talked to a lot of hard-working mums from different walks of life asking the question what is harder, working full-time or being a full-time-mum?

Then it dawned on me, what about the fathers?

It is rare we hear about dads doing the hard yards, or maybe mums are just more into talking about it?

Growing up, dad just did what he had to do and got on with it, even if that meant working up to three jobs and studying at night.

Maybe this is why a beer was always a much-needed drink after a hard day at work.

But it didn't stop there.

Mum said he wouldn't hesitate to get up during the night to help out.

What a trooper!

In the end it comes down to every family making the decision that best suits their lifestyle and when you factor in day care costs, it isn't always the most feasible option for both parents to go back to work.

I just think we need to give a big shout out to the dads every now and then.

While staying at home with the kids would be a tough gig, working hard to put food on the table and to ensure your family has the best opportunities would be just as hard, if not harder, in my opinion.  

Do you have a dad you want to give a shout out to? Join the conversation and tell us about your dad below.