The former CEO of Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service Adrian Pennington.
The former CEO of Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service Adrian Pennington.

OPINION: Transparency needed regarding health boss sacking

THE INCONGRUENCY of a situation adds to the needs for answers sometimes.

Like the sacking of a health chief who had been named national Healthcare CEO of the Year as part of the Australian Healthcare Week Excellence Awards just a year before.

Former Wide Bay Health and Hospital Service chief executive Adrian Pennington was also elected to a prominent national healthcare position, that of chairman of the board of the Australian Healthcare and Hospital Association, in the weeks before he was terminated from his position.

These are not accolades that a typically given a person who will be “terminated, effective immediately” a short time later.

The answers that have been given - suggestions of a personality clash, of irreconcilable differences - really don’t cut the mustard.

Unsurprisingly, given the impressive role Mr Pennington had playing in rebuilding confidence in the health service after the Patel years and with the respect he commanded with the industry, the idea that a personality clash got in the way of him continuing to deliver for the region has not been well received.

Starting with Monday’s paper, the Chronicle has led the way with a campaign fighting for your right to know.

This instance is a perfect example of a situation in which transparency is of the upmost importance in order to retain confidence in the health system.

The trivial reasons given so far for the sacking are insufficient given Mr Pennington’s proven abilities.