OPINION: We have to consider all producers

I HAVE absolutely no shame in saying I was on board the branded milk bandwagon far before it gathered speed, but what about other producers?

I saw that question posed by a former colleague of mine earlier this week, and something I have not yet been able to work out.

A fair number of people seemed happy to fork out a few extra dollars per week for several litres of delicious dairy goodness, but, according to my social media timeline, don't even mention the price of meats, fruits and vegetables.

Those producers face the same battle as dairy farmers, but milk sat firmly in the spotlight thanks to Coles' and Woolworths' student and family budget-friendly prices.

Perhaps the "milk war" is the start of a revolution or the change in our collective mindset producers have been waiting for.

Perhaps now is the time we take the whole supply line into consideration and broaden our thoughts about where we spend our money.

Sure, there is an enormous benefit to our personal bank balances to spend small change on food, but what is the overall cost of that choice?

Next time you go out for groceries, consider buying branded items or go straight to local producers.

That little extra effort could go a long way, and mean a much happier future for our farmers.