OPINION: We mustn't turn a blind eye to those who need it

WHAT does it take for a person to be eligible for a Disability Support Pension?

Apparently it takes more than having collapsed lungs on four occasions and a heart attack or more than being unable to walk or sit for longer than 15 minutes.

This week, my eyes were opened to a subject that affects so many on the Fraser Coast.

So many residents who are living with crippling disease or unable to leave their homes due to physical barriers are being refused a DSP.


I had the opportunity to speak with Carol Priestly, a Maryborough mother who had been rejected the DSP.

She suffers from degenerative disease in her lower back and relies on her daughter to care for her.

Warren O'Rourke, who features in today's paper, is left out of breath when he is active for long periods of time.

Both were told they were capable of working at least three hours a day.

I've read so many other people's stories in comments on our Facebook page.

It breaks my heart to know that so many people are going through similar situations.

We can't afford to turn a blind eye to people who need help the most.

More needs to be done.