OPINION: ‘Whiners’ shouldn’t expect special treatment


Overcoming is what makes winners stand out

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews has put a stop to three plane-loads of international tennis players here for the February 8 Australian Open on invitation to roam and practise free.

Bringing in the COVID-19 virus on three planes of tennis competitors has moved the Premier to put them into a strict fortnight hotel quarantine, much to their disgust.

Many are taking it as the reality of living with COVID but a few complainants such as Tomic's girlfriend and Novak Djokovic, thinking the rules don't apply to them, are in shock.

Guests from overseas need to understand the terms of entering, clarified before they came.

Many Victorians stuck in specified NSW red zones ("hot spots") have waited months to re-enter Victoria, while these privileged internationals want to make a fuss.

Victorians have endured months of lockdown.

These elitists, like certain music and film stars who come here to dictate how they wish things to be and what special treatment they should have, unlike Australians who have suffered 12 months of the most severe restrictions to their lives, seem to desire a different reality.

These are testing times.

These players have been guaranteed $100,000 just for coming, while our homeless and unemployed during COVID in particular, see the great divide between them and these "whiners".

Not good enough? Then go home.

They come for the money, the fame, the trophies, the world ratings, but their negativity does not reflect real winners, who succeed despite the obstacles.

Overcoming, especially in a global pandemic, is what makes winners stand out from the rest.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands

Easier than ever to leave fish off our plates

Australians eat over 350,000 tonnes of sea animals each year.

It is estimated that the total catch is under-reported due to the process of returning animals who are too small, above the quota, or the wrong type to the sea, dead or alive.

Globally, humans kill an estimated 100 billion farmed fish every year, and about another three trillion fish from the wild.

With all the vegan seafood flavoured products on the market today, it's easier than ever to leave fish off our plates, and no better time to do it than during Veganuary.

Desmond Bellamy, PETA Australia




Harry's View
Harry's View


The 2021 Rockhampton Eisteddfod, which was to be held from April 29 to May 29, has been cancelled due to COVID.

Caroline Wright: Much as it disappointing the logistics and ever changing times make it a sensible decision. You need to make an early decision this will in fact benefit parents that are paying for those extra lessons etc. If left late costumes ordered etc then cancelled ...plus the committee generally are of a high risk generation. Lets be grateful that Rocky has been so lucky and we really have no concept of what has gone on elsewhere. Lets look forward to a bumper 2022 and be so grateful for the fact we still have theatre sports ability to go out to eat drink etc.

Jenny Reynolds: Oh, but let's go ahead with the tennis and the cricket. There is no COVID in Rockhampton.

Becky B Bowen: Just silly!!! People are using COVID as an excuse!!!

Sandi Oates: Why make the decision so early?



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