Martin Bellert has been having problems with Optus at Toogoom since Thursday.
Martin Bellert has been having problems with Optus at Toogoom since Thursday. Alistair Brightman

Optus line on the blink at Toogoom, Burrum Heads

SINCE last Thursday Martin Bellert hasn't been able to make or receive calls without disruption to his Optus line and after five days, the problem remains unsolved.

The 77-year-old who lives in Toogoom is furious with Optus after getting no concrete answers since encountering the problem which gradually worsened.

When the Chronicle tried to contact Mr Bellert there were difficulties getting in touch with him and there were six interrupted calls.

Mr Bellert, who lives alone, said he can't even call his doctor, family or friends in an emergency.

Since last Thursday, he has called Optus three times and at all times, various explanations were given to him.

"When I called the first time on Thursday, Optus said there is a system failure and a number of towers are out of power," he said.

"When the problem wasn't fixed, I called again a day later and they said they will get their technicians to look at it but can't repair it until they've ordered the parts for it."

Mr Bellert, who was furious with their answers, then decided to call local Optus retailers and his worst fear came true - the retailers didn't even know about the problem.

"My trust in Optus is sorely tested. They said they will fix it on Tuesday but my line is still acting up," he said.

An Optus spokesman acknowledged the problem and said it was a result of an isolated hardware fault experienced late last Thursday night.

"Hardware has been sourced from interstate and was due to arrive Tuesday. Our technicians will work to fully restore services in the area as a priority," he said.

The spokesman said some Optus customers in Toogoom, Burrum Heads and Buxton were affected.