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Organisers of the 47th Battalion defend points format

THE organisers of the 47th Battalion in Roma have come out in support of the new points format used in the carnival last weekend.

Used for the first time in the tournament's history the format  - where teams get two points for the first half, second half and the win - was criticised yesterday by the Bundaberg Rugby League after they missed the final despite winning all three group matches.

Now the Queensland Rugby League Central Division has defended its decision adding teams knew about the format for almost two months.

Division Manager and organiser Glenn Ottaway said teams had enough time to adjust.

"These changes (to the rules) were sent to all leagues on the 24th of March," he said.

"We received no comment from any leagues in relation to the changes."

He added the whole system was aimed at keeping teams in the hunt over the two days of the event.

"The system rewards teams for consistent 'full game' performances," Ottaway said.

"This year six of the eight competing men's teams were still in contention for the final heading into the last three pool games of the carnival."

"It certainly created a lot of public interest in the games on Sunday."

Despite Bundaberg's comments about the format, other teams were also supportive.

"Feedback from all leagues was that the competition format created a good balance and was the best format for keeping the maximum number of teams in contention throughout the carnival," Ottaway said.

"It is unusual circumstances that Bundaberg won all three pool matches by small margins and did not make the final."

Ottaway also added Bundaberg were not told at any stage in the final pool match that they just needed to win to make the final.

He also added, as they do at any tournament, it will be reviewed for next year.

"There is certainly plans to review the overall competition format," he said.

"This has nothing to do with how points are allocated but rather how the draw is structured (after players withdrew before the carnival)."

For the record Sunshine Coast took out both the men's and women's competitions with wins over South West Country and the Central Highlands respectively.