LETTER: Forget sinking Tobruk, get the steam train going

LETTER: The purchase and sinking of the HMAS Tobruk will only cater for a select group of people.

The Fraser Coast Council should cast its visions a little wider and concentrate its efforts into getting the 118 year old 299 steam train up and running.

Think of the benefits it would bring to the Fraser Coast community as a whole.

It would offer untold enjoyment to people from all walks of life, including the young and old and the disabled.

The trip back in time aboard the old stream train would be great for school excursions and could act as a shuttle service between Maryborough West and Station Square.

It would be of excellent promotional value and the publicity it could bring would be a deserving reward for the 150 years of service Maryborough and the people of Fraser Coast gave to Queensland rail.

Merv Woods, Maryborough