Our disaster plans still under wraps

MORE than three weeks after the Fraser Coast Regional Council adopted its new Local Disaster Management Plan, the associated sub-plans remain under wraps.

Fraser Coast disaster co-ordinator Mal Churchill told the Chronicle after the plan's adoption on October 16: "It's going on our web

site now and people should look at it, make themselves familiar with it."

The plan and almost all associated sub-plans were available on the council website a couple of days later.

Bbut much of that information was removed again within 72 hours and has been unavailable since.

Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O'Connell said parts of the plan and its sub-plans relevant to people preparing for emergency were available.

"Sub-plans needed by residents to prepare for an emergency have been placed on the website," the mayor said.

"Sub-plans that refer to the internal management of the council and the (Local Disaster Management Group) and how it will structure a response to an emergency will be placed on the website once private information such as officer's contact details have been removed."

The Local Disaster Management Plan and sub plans for evacuation and bushfire management are currently available on the council website.

Cr O'Connell said people still had access to the Fraser Coast 2013-14 Emergency Guide and Fact sheets, links to other helpful webpages and the Council Disaster Coordination Centre Facebook link.