Protesters are being held up at the entrance of the Maryborough City Hall.
Protesters are being held up at the entrance of the Maryborough City Hall.

Our 'forgotten residents' take a stand against council

UP IN No Man's Land, just over Gympie regon's northern border, the sizeable Glenwood district community seems to be the forgotten land.

"We've got more than 2000 people around here, with more arriving every year,," says resident Roslynne Staveley.

She and neighbour Ross Piper identify with Gympie, do their shopping in Gympie and access medical and other services in Gympie.

But they are officially residents of the Fraser Coast region and they feel forgotten by their council administrators in distant Hervey Bay.

They say the council amalgamations that created Fraser Coast have left them paying rates for projects that seem to mostly occur in more populous areas.

They were speaking after participating in yesterday's protest at the Fraser Coast council meeting where demonstrators demanded the dismissal or resignation of CEO Lisa Desmond.

But Ross Piper and Roslynne Staveley say they blame councillors as well.

They say they are too busy fighting among themselves to listen to representations on behalf of their area.

Those representations might include, they suggest, council support in their quest for improved State Government services, like the ambulances that keep getting lost and the fire services that cannot get there in time.

And they say councils geared to larger centres need to get out of the way and reduce their fees, so the micro businesses that keep their communities alive can afford to start up and keep going.

They say this is also the problem in other towns with the council not paying sufficient attention and impoTsing planning regulations which are too expensive for the scale of the small businesses likely to serve other No Man's Land towns on both sides of the border, towns like Bauple, Gundiah, and Theebine.

"The main road to our street is Anderleigh Rd, which is mostly Gympie region, but we're in Fraser Coast on a road which has a name approved by the council but not recognised by emergency services.

"They need action but nothing seems to happen."