OUR SAY: Christmas is the perfect time to give to others

A POST on a community Facebook page caused a lot of debate recently.

It was about how many people were seeking help over the holiday season and whether or not those asking for help were all genuine.

Now this is a touchy subject.

There will always be people who do the wrong thing and sometimes people who give freely and generously can be taken advantage of.

My motto has always been that it's better to help people who say they're in need, rather than presume they're not genuine.

It would only be a tiny minority of people who would claim to struggling if they weren't.

Christmas is a really great time of year.

I say that as someone who never has to worry about whether I will have shelter, or food or the company of family or friends.

For those who are lacking in any of these departments, it can be an extremely tough time of year.

Sometimes after a single mum has paid the electricity, rent, food and everything else, there's very little left over for gifts, or even a tree.

As our front page story today shows, as we get older it can be harder to celebrate Christmas the way we want to.

The family who gave their time  to help an elderly couple should be commended.

In the end I don't think it's up to any of us to ask whether someone else is truly in need.

The Christmas season is about giving and caring for others.

We all need to take that to heart if we want to create a society or community we want to be part of.

Next year it could be me or you who is on struggle street.

We should all keep that in mind before judging others.