OUR SAY: Challenge of conserving past while building future

IT'S difficult not to feel for Chris Moore, who is aiming to develop the old Maryborough flour mill site. (See latest update here).

Part of the council's development approval was keeping the historic archway.

One can understand the sentimental attachment many people in our community have to the archway, - for many, it was hard enough to see the old mill get torn down.

There is no doubt that the old mill was dangerous and needed to go.

Keeping the archway was a compromise, making way for the future while holding on to Maryborough's heritage.

Unfortunately the archway is also dangerous.

It is unstable and could give way at any time.

It is on Kent St, which is one of Maryborough's busiest streets.

This is a real concern.

Also of concern is the fact that if the task of preserving the archway is too expensive, too difficult, the choice could be made to walk away from this development.

The Maryborough Chronicle turns 160 years old this year.

Every reporter who has worked here, every editor, has felt the importance of the history of the paper, of Maryborough's heritage and buildings.

It's hard to see any part of history fall into ruin or torn down.

The question comes down to the importance of remembering the past or building the future, especially as it will provide jobs in these difficult times.

The choice between the two is ours.