It can be challenging explaining the pandemic to kids.
It can be challenging explaining the pandemic to kids.

OUR SAY: Explaining pandemic to kids isn’t easy

IT’S BEEN a confusing time for all of us, even for adults with access to 24 hours news sources and Google just a mouse click away.

So imagine what it must feel like to be a child in these times.

It’s not the first time in history difficult truths have had to be delivered to kids.

Fathers have gone off to wars.

We’ve had catastrophes like the September 11 terrorist attacks dominate our headlines.

But this pandemic is changing the way we live our very lives.

Kids are being taught from home.

They can’t visit their friends, possibly can’t see their grandparents or extended family.

While hygiene has always been impressed upon small children, now it must seem like adults are on a countrywide handwashing mission.

It’s wonderful to see children’s entertainers like the Wiggles and those on Play School like our very own Matthew Backer breaking down the information for kids in a way that will educate them, not scare them.

In these difficult times there is no reason for children to be afraid.

But keeping them informed is vital when it comes to staving off those feelings of anxiety and concern that are only natural when there are big changes happening in their lives.

I also feel for parents who are having to explain the situation to their kids.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but together we can all get through this as a community.