Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

OUR SAY: Fires signal urgent need to act now

A MIDNIGHT Oil song once poignantly asked the question, how do we sleep when our beds are burning?
It's a question we should all be asking as horrific bushfires continue to burn across Queensland and New South Wales.

There's no point arguing that now is not the time to discuss the realities of climate change.

As fire ravages the state, now is exactly the time to listen to those who know best.

Despite what Prime Minister Scott Morrison might think, sow is not the time for thoughts and prayers, but for action,

Earlier this year, Greg Mullins, the former Commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW wrote to Scott Morrison, representing 22 former fire and safety chiefs, who wanted to speak to him about their concern of climate change and the "catastrophic extreme weather events putting lives, properties and livelihoods at greater risk".

It seems those words have largely fallen on deaf ears.

Then came the Federal Government's decision to cut 35 per cent from the budget of the NSW branch of Fire and Rescue, a decision for which the state is now paying the price.

Australia has always been a nation of weather extremes, fires, floods and drought.

Contemplating a future where all of those things potentially get much severe is something we should all be concerned about, especially our government.

Surely Mr Morrison is feeling the pressure to address this issue sooner rather than later.