OUR SAY: Giving our families a chance to get active

ON WEDNESDAY the Fraser Coast Regional Council sat down to talk about a budget and expenditures amounting to millions of dollars.

But it was a discount that will keep a few more dollars in the hip pockets of the region's families that really had people celebrating.

As far as helping families have fun and get active together, lowering the price of admission at the region's aquatic centres is a really positive move from our council.

The previous fee of $5.20 for an adult and $3.80 for children wasn't unreasonable, but the new prices of $4 and $3 will mean more opportunities for families to take advantage of the area's first class facilities.

There are even more savings to be had if families or individuals purchase passes for up to six months or 12 months.

Many of us are leading more and more sedentary lives - and hey, I'm the first to admit I love to curl up and watch the latest season of whatever is trending on Netflix.

But initiatives like this should encourage all of us to get to our local aquatic centres and have fun, get active, swim a few laps and enjoy each other's company.

It won't be long until it's spring again and I'm hoping our centres will be packed with families.