Lake MacKenzie at Fraser Island
Lake MacKenzie at Fraser Island Sarah Manning

OUR SAY: Great to see tourism coming to life in the region

TOURISM on the Fraser Coast is in great shape and it's only going to get better.

Fresh off the back of some terrific new figures for the last quarter, this weekend the Esplanade was alive with activity, with visitors from the south already flocking to our shores to escape the bitter winter weather.

I know it's been a bit cool in these parts of late, but trust me, it's nothing compared to the bitter frost of a morning in New South Wales or Victoria.

With the ex-HMAS Tobruk set to be scuttled soon, the Military Trail coming together and two huge festivals on the horizon, it's going to be a great winter for the Fraser Coast - as Mayor George Seymour says, maybe the best we've seen in 10 long years.

TURNING THE TIDE: Fraser Coast tourism set to boom

Add to that our always popular whale season and we've got the ingredients for success.

Running a business isn't easy and the past 10 years haven't been easy ones for the region.

But with more visitors, there will be more opportunities for accommodation providers, restaurants and other businesses to do what they do best and provide terrific experiences. There's plenty to see and do in our region and one tourism provider told me yesterday that if a family stays once, they often book again for the next year.

Once people see what we have to offer, they will come back because our beaches, our Heritage City and Fraser Island have a wide variety of attractions.