A portrait of Alice Harrold.
A portrait of Alice Harrold. Contributed

OUR SAY: Happy birthday to Fraser Coast's newest centenarian

IT'S so important to slow down sometimes and enjoy what life brings.

On Tuesday as I left one job and headed out to another, I was contemplating my busy day and how I would fit it all in.

All thoughts of that vanished when I met Alice Harrold and her family.

After about 40 minutes of chatting and sharing a few laughs with them, I wished I could spend more time with such caring, wonderful people.

Her wry sense of humour was very much intact when I asked her how it felt to be 100.

She said she was happy to reach the milestone - "but I haven't passed it yet" she said with a twinkle in her eye.

This morning Alice will wake up on her 36,525th day of being alive.

She's lived a long, happy life, with a her husband and six much-loved children.

Not only that, she's seen so much of Australia - she's travelled around our great nation six times and one can only imagine the stories she could share about the adventures she and her husband Jim shared.

It was such a privilege to meet Alice and her family.

I hope she has a terrific birthday, spent in the company of those she loves the most.

Happy birthday from the Chronicle, Alice.