It's important to help victims share their stories.
It's important to help victims share their stories. iStock

OUR SAY: Helping sexual assault victims speak out

THERE are moments the valuable role the media plays in our society comes into sharp focus.

Today's front page is a perfect example.

Sexual abuse is still such a taboo subject and still something victims find hard to talk about.

But the more stories that are shared, the more conversations are started and the more light gets shed on a topic that for too long hasn't been openly spoken about.

One story can change a life.

It can inspire others to come forward.

It can help other victims share the story of their pain and open up avenues to help and support.

The Me Too movement was and is still so important.

It gave people an opportunity to share their stories, some of which had never been shared before.

It gave the media a chance to be part of a life-changing, society-changing movement where people decided they would not remain quiet any more.

It's a privilege and a responsibility to share these stories.

It's hard for people to open up about the abuse they have suffered and it's an honour to be the person they share their thoughts with.

Until we get to a place where no victim feels they have to remain silent, we still have work to do.

Silence protects abusers and makes victims feel they have to be ashamed.