Carlie and her brother Matthew with her dad, David.
Carlie and her brother Matthew with her dad, David. Contributed

OUR SAY: It's Father's Day, not Special Person's Day

YESTERDAY was not Special Person's Day.

It was Father's Day.

I felt a twinge of frustration each time I heard this trendy new slogan mentioned.

My dad deserves to be celebrated.

He played a huge role in raising me, giving me good values and encouraging me.

I don't understand why Mother's Day is sacred but people feel they can attack Father's Day.

I know people who have have grown up without their dad.

But those I know in that situation use the day to give extra thanks to their mum, grandfather or stepdad - someone in their life who has meant a lot to them.

No one has ever had a go at me for celebrating my dad, despite the fact that celebrating Father's Day might not apply to them.

Positive male role models are extremely important in our community but we continue to malign them by giving people like Dr Red Ruby Scarlet airtime.

The early childhood activist shared her views on Today Tonight last month.

Usually I think the term politically correct is overused, but in this case I can only shake my head and roll my eyes.

If celebrating the role of mothers is still socially acceptable, than surely the same is true of fathers.

In any case, happy Father's Day to my dear dad.