Heath Pukallus

OUR SAY: Let’s make this place RV friendly

AN ESTIMATED $1.5 million could be injected into the Fraser Coast economy annually if we had better facilities to host RVs.

That's a lot of money that could be going into the cash registers of our local shops.

That's a lot of people who won't get to experience our beautiful Heritage City and the sights it has to offer.

Let's be realistic, the limited free RV sites that the Fraser Coast Regional Council currently offers is not enough to bring in the grey nomads in great numbers. Just 100km up the road there's plans in Bundaberg for an RV superpark. They see the potential. There's examples all over Queensland where tired local economies are reinvigorated by the RV market once putting in free stay sites. I hope when councillor Anne Maddern meets with the CMCA today they can make some progress for more sites to be made available.

Word travels quickly in grey nomad groups - it's time we make the Fraser Coast RV friendly.

Let's not pass up an annual $1.5 million opportunity.