Dingoes on Fraser Island.
Dingoes on Fraser Island.

OUR SAY: No wonder dingo frustrations run so high

IT GOES without saying that the safety of people must be paramount when it comes to considering the ongoing issue of dingo attacks on Fraser Island.

But I feel for the Butchulla people, who feel as though they have no say in how the issue is managed.

The State Government has a challenging balancing act when it comes to the future of the island's dingo population.

On one hand, everyone wants to see the animals thrive, the population maintained and respect paid to the dingoes and the Butchulla people.

On the other hand, some of the incidents in the past year have been extremely serious, including one in which a 14 month old child was snatched and dragged from the back of a camper.

There was no provocation involved, no mistakes made by the visitors - indeed many of the people attacked pay the price of decisions made by other people, who encourage dingo interactions.

In one mind-boggling case the Chronicle was informed of a few months ago, a parent told a child to pose with a dingo for a photo.

No wonder the frustration levels are so high - not only among the Butchulla people but surely to those managing the island as well that the message is sometimes not being heeded.

Encouraging interactions is tantamount to signing a death warrant for the dingo.

I don't know how many front pages the Chronicle has to run to make this clear, how many stories we need to do with the exact same warnings.

It's up to people to hear them.