OUR SAY: Notion of a fair go should apply to everyone

THE idea of a fair go is one of Australia's proudest idioms.

But it seems sometimes we think that notion only applies when we think it should.

As far as I'm concerned, a Muslim person wanting a place to worship is no different to a Catholic person wanting a place to worship.

I just don't see what the big deal is. I myself am of the Anglican faith.

All I need to do is walk down to St Paul's in Lennox St if I want to go to my place of worship.

Why shouldn't a Muslim person have the same right?

For thousands of years, millions if not billions of people have sought to connect with God, with the higher power they believe in.

Religion is a way for communities to connect and support one another.

I'm reminded every time I go to the doctor how stupid it is to judge other people on the basis of skin colour or religious belief.

My doctor is a Muslim. He takes care of me and listens to me whinge every time I have an illness.

Why wouldn't I want him to have somewhere to go to if he wants to pray?

The Fraser Coast has many doctors of Islamic faith.

Do we want them to leave the area because they don't feel welcomed by our community?