OUR SAY: Pet rego prices should be cheaper for pensioners

EVERY year my husband has to hear me whinge about the cost of pet registration.

But the truth is, we both work fulltime. And if we miss the cut-off date for a discount and have to pay the full price of $57 for each of our dogs and $52.80 for our cats, well that's no one's fault other than our own.

But I do think the prices for concessions in our area are way too expensive, especially when compared to areas such as Gympie and the Sunshine Coast.

I personally believe it is of immeasurable value for an elderly person, or a person with a disability, to have a pet.

Should pensioners be entitled to free pet registration?

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But the cost can be prohibitive for those on a pension.

In Gympie, registering a dog that has been both desexed and microchipped is free for everyone, while on the Sunshine Coast is is $13 for the general public and free for concessions.

This is great system that rewards responsible pet ownership.

It definitely makes owning a pet more affordable for people with a limited income.

Here on the Fraser Coast, concessions are entitled to a $5 discount when registering their pet.

I think that needs to be reconsidered by the council to make owning a pet a much more affordable prospect for pensioners.