Readers respond to claims planet is cracking under stress

READERS have responded to an article claiming "melting ice is stressing our planet. Sea levels are shifting. Volcanoes and fault lines are stirring. The Earth's axis is tipping. We could be in for a rough ride ahead".

Paul Hennessy: See, the earth is heating up from climate change.

Peter Pat Hall:Periods of volcanic activity and low solar minimums coincide with very cold climatic events like the Aboriginals lived through 12,000 to 18,000 years ago. The greatest rises in human civilisation coincided with temperatures up to three degrees hotter than at present, levels which Extinction Rebellion predict will end civilisation.

Trina Goodwin: Our planet only has a lifespan of so much before overpopulation destroys it. Fracking and mining and too many people is going to ruin earth a lot sooner they we all would hope. Have fun, smile, be happy and look after earth while we are here.

Lesley Jones: The planets doing what the planet does. Not the first volcano in history and won't be the last.

Gus Warde: It only a matter of time some experts predict Krakatoa will erupt again with similar force as before.

Jan Guthrey: You are joking surely!!! There have been volcanoes throughout history! This article again shows how much out of touch the media is with the majority of people world wide. Take the UK elections, got that wrong in a big way, plus the election of Trump and let's not forget Australia!

Helen Sutherst: Our earth moves. It is on tectonic plates. It's got nothing to do with overpopulation, it just what our earth does. Fracking and mining hasn't been near any major natural disaster or earth quake or volcano eruption. Our earth moves. It's just we populate under or on the bottom of volcanoes or on fault lines which is stupid in the first place.

Jason Miller: You do realise active volcanoes erupt right?

Kat Geltch: Proof that volcanoes have been on planet earth for millions of years.

Anne Thursby: The end of the world is closer than you think.