OUR SAY: Take care when driving near Christmas displays

YOU know it's Christmas time when the days are longer, the sound of crickets grows louder and the streets in the evenings are filled with cars on the search for homes lit up in festive spirit.

In the Chronicle this week we listed the top Christmas light displays across the region as well as providing maps to find the homes in our weekly community publications, the Maryborough Herald and The Observer.

Finding the best Christmas lights throughout the South Burnett region was an annual tradition in my family as I was growing up.

I have many fond memories from my childhood of the entire family in the car, first heading to the homes known for their annual displays and then finding new ones in each year.

There was nothing more exciting for a five-year-old Jordan than stopping at a home with an interactive Christmas lights display, hopping out of the car with my brothers with the chance to meet Santa.

This tradition continues each year with my family, last weekend we sought out the brightest and most festive lights in Hervey Bay.

It is a mammoth task to put up lights (ask my dad, who did it for a few years when my brothers and I were kids).

Thank you to everyone who put in the effort this year to light up their homes, from the smaller Christmas set-ups to the massive light rigs, which I don't even want to think about how long that would have taken to unravel the lights and install.

It's important to note to those driving around to please take care, especially near light displays and watch out for children.

We want everyone to have a Merry Christmas and safe and happy holidays.