Get checked out for diabetes.
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OUR SAY: Take opportunity to get tested for diabetes

THIS week is National Diabetes Week and I'm hoping that anyone who is concerned about their health will take the opportunity to get checked out.

Type 2 diabetes is often a silent disease that can go undetected for a long time.

Also, some of us may have a resistance to insulin that hasn't quite reached the stage of diabetes, but lifestyle changes are needed to stop it from developing.

Making changes now can prevent serious health problems in the future.

It can increase quality of life and life expectancy.

The first step is booking an appointment with your doctor and explaining your concerns.

Rick factors for type 2 diabetes includes weight, inactivity, family history and age.

Pregnant women also need to be conscious of gestational diabetes.

While type 2 diabetes often has no symptoms, there are certain things to look out for, including increased thirst and frequent urination, increased hunger, weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision and frequent infections.

If any of those signs sound familiar, get checked out.

It doesn't take long and it can really help to improve your health and quality of life in the long run.