Roadwork signs
Roadwork signs

OUR SAY: Time for work to begin on Booral Rd intersections

WHEN it comes to a dangerous road, all too often the prediction of disaster becomes reality.

Hearing Maryborough's Russell Darcy speak of the Alice St and Pallas St intersection last week, where the sound of cars colliding has become all too familiar, it was a relief to know that $800,000 had already been delivered to fix the black spot.

Too often I've stood at intersections where tragedy had struck.

Funding often followed, but too late for the lives that had been lost.

I never fail to look at the turning lane at Old Gympie Rd on the Bruce Highway at Tinana with much sadness.

If that turning lane had been built earlier, the lives of an elderly couple would have been saved.

I feel a sense of dread when driving along Booral Rd.

There are several dangerous intersections along the busy Bay road and while some have been improved, many others need work.

I know Maryborough MP Bruce Saunders has heard the concerns raised both by this newspaper and by residents in that area.

Last year he asked that an audit be done to evaluate the intersections along Booral Rd.

I hope more funding will be announced in the near future for the intersections that most need it.

Turning lanes can save lives.

This vital infrastructure is needed sooner rather than later.

The work would also give the region a welcome economic boost.