Fraser Island Dingoes play around in the sand.
Fraser Island Dingoes play around in the sand.

OUR SAY: We need to do better on our island

WHEN one thinks of Fraser Island, one thinks of the pristine sand, pure water and incredible ecosystem.

One doesn’t tend to think of rubbish, of discarded trash or rusting boats.

I certainly don’t think of the bait bags and plastic gloves that are sometimes swallowed by the island’s dingoes.

But that is the reality on the island.

This week, I’ve written two stories that bear more than a few connections.

On Monday, that story was about a petition to bring recycling to the island - an initiative that has already been tried and failed because people contaminate the recycling, making the exercise pointless.

Then I learned of a huge clean-up effort that had been carried out on the weekend.

More than three tonnes of trash was removed from the island, a horrifying amount.

Even worse was hearing the words of organiser Ian Thomson, who said rangers have told him that during necropsies on dead dingoes, plastic bags and gloves have been found in their stomachs.

As a region, people speak out when dingoes are destroyed because of attacks and when people run over the dingoes in cars.

But untold damage may be happening to the dingo population because trash is not being properly discarded.

It cannot be good for the animal to be consuming plastic and it certainly leaves one with a sick feeling given we need to be protecting the island and its creatures.