OUR SAY: Where is the respect these days?

WHERE is the respect these days?

I find myself asking that question a lot and it seems to be only getting worse with the younger generation.

I see examples of it on a regular basis, whether it's swearing youths being driven out of the shopping centre by security guards or kids vandalizing property.

The latest example I have seen was in a video on Facebook at a local park, where four boys are mouthing off at an older man and his wife.

I couldn't believe the words and insults coming out of the mouths of about 13 year olds, all directed at a man who looked to be in his 70s.

In the video, the children then make fun of the older man being blind in one eye before he moves them away from the park bench.

I understand the parents can't be there to monitor their child 24/7, but if a child has been brought up with respect, you will find there's less chance of them making abhorrent comments as seen in the video. It's time parents take action.