State govt warns of Bovine Johne's disease outbreak

ROLLING updates will be available to graziers as Biosecurity Queensland aims to contain a breakout of Bovine Johne's disease near Rockhampton.

The State Government released a statement on Tuesday warning of the outbreak, while officers have been rushed to the scene to contact properties potentially affected.

Up to 160 are suspected of being at risk, although how many head of cattle or properties affected cannot be known until officers contact owners and can visit to make an assessment.

Owners have already been told not to move or kill animals suspected of being infected.

The disease can cause chronic diarrhoea leading to emaciation and death.

The disease is not a risk to humans.

On Tuesday, Minister for Agriculture John McVeigh said Biosecurity Queensland would dispatch updates on the outbreak by email.

Those concerned can add themselves to a subscription list on

"We are absolutely focussed on providing up to date information and every opportunity for full communication with industry and producers throughout this process," Mr McVeigh said.

Those properties unable to move their herds can access help through Animal Health Australia.

The disease is widespread in Victoria and parts of South Australia and Victoria with Queensland largely protected by stringent cattle import requirements.