Outrage over illegal dumping in Hervey Bay

RESIDENTS are outraged on social media after rubbish including a mattress and other large household items were illegally dumped in Hervey Bay. 

Photos disclosing piles of rubbish dumped on Eli Creek Road have been shared on Facebook page Brickbats and Bouquets with residents outraged by what they've witnessed. 

Tanya Woloch posted the photos saying 'brickbats to the GRUBS at Eli Creek Rd Pt Vernon.'

Jan Hawes was left sickened. 

"Disgusting grubs no self respect or pride," she said. 

What a mess!
What appears to be a blow up bed was dumped.

Sharon Hall said: "S###s me to tears seeing rubbish dumped in the bush, go to the tip and pay to dump it like the rest of us."

Household items including a mattress, what appears to look like a blow up bed and other unwanted junk have been left at the site. 

This mattress was one of many items dumped at Eli Creek in Point Vernon recently.
This mattress was one of many items dumped at Eli Creek in Point Vernon recently.

Tanya Woloch expressed her concerns about the amount of plastic and rubbish that may get washed into the creek. 

"Its a mess out there," she said. 

Romessa Marie Kefford hopes the illegal dumpers are caught out. 

"Dirty pigs hopefully they find them and make them clean the hole lot up so wrong," she said. 

Trish Nicholls suggested free council tip twice a year for people with trailers and free curbside pick-up in a bid to discourage illegal dumpers. 

"In my experience when you put crap out the front someone comes along and takes anything they need by the end of the week usually not much left in the pile," Trish said. 

The Fraser Coast Chronicle has contacted council for comment with regards to the illegal dumping. 

Have you noticed any other illegal dumping across the region? Email your photos with details to amy.formosa@frasercoastchronicle.com.au or join the conversation and tell us below.