Outstanding service by Wide Bay Transit drivers

My partner and I are residents of Urangan, Hervey Bay.

We bought a home here in 2003 and very shortly afterwards set off to undertake volunteer work in Vietnam.

We have recently returned to Hervey Bay.

For the period before we left for Vietnam (three months) and since our return we used the local bus service, specifically bus nos 16, 17 and 18.

When we first began using the bus service we commented to our many visitors, as well as new found friends in Hervey Bay, on the exceptional service provided by Wide Bay Transit.

I know of no other location where a public bus will stop mid-route to collect or drop off a passenger.

We have in the also been particularly impressed by the consistently genuine friendly and efficient service given by the drivers of the buses.

I write today because I have not been able to put out of my mind the experience I had this afternoon when my partner and I caught the No 18, 1.50 pm bus from Stocklands to, the unscheduled stop, on the corner of Moolyyir St and Pulgul St.

The driver, who I recognised but could not remember his name, as we entered the bus said, "You aren't from here are you? ', "Yes, I said, We are but we have been away.

"Oh that's right, your name is Bronwyn isn't it?"

My partner and I have been away from Hervey Bay for two years and Richard (whose name I learnt later) had remembered my name.

When we were here in 2003 we had used the bus, when Richard was driving perhaps half-a-dozen times.

We will return to Vietnam in a few months for a further three years of volunteer work where I will be lecturing in hospitality and tourism at Nha Trang University.

I will be using the experience of my interaction with Richard to demonstrate and highlight the meaning of true hospitality.

In conclusion, the drivers of Wide Bay Transit deserve recognition for providing a service performed beyond expectation, and for their contribution to both the local community and for the many tourists who visit.