Elizabeth Pinzon.
Elizabeth Pinzon. Alistair Brightman

BEATING THE BOTTLE: No need for vodka flasks

A FEW years ago, Elizabeth Pinzon needed to have a flask of vodka on her at all times.

The 31-year-old Canberra woman couldn't last a few hours without drinking.

Although she could hold down her job at a hotel, Elizabeth was intoxicated every day.

Drinking had always made her feel good, from partying on weekends at 14, until it developed into not being able to function without alcohol.

"My family knew and they really struggled, it broke my mum's heart," she said.

"I lost all my friends, I got kicked out of a few houses and apartments, I stayed at my mum's and caused this huge hurricane while I was there.

"It became a spiral that just got worse and I drank just to get through.

"I hadn't dealt with things which had happened to me in my past."

Through a chance meeting with a family friend, Elizabeth found herself on the phone to a Transformations graduate, Olympic swimmer Daniel Smith, who convinced her to give the program a try.

"I think getting me here was God intervening. Every day I would cry, every day was hell.

"But now I am happy with who I am, I used to have to drink to talk to anyone and now I am just me.

"The main thing you find is you have a purpose in life."

Now, Elizabeth is the house supervisor and in the future wants to find part-time work, but still work closely with Transformations.

You can hear more of these stories and find out how to support the organisation making a difference at their major Spring Gala fundraiser next Friday, September 27.

The event will be held at the Brolga Theatre and includes House Rules stars Josh and Brandon as guest speakers and entertainment by popular band Soul City.