Spending by overseas tourists is down 21% this financial year.
Spending by overseas tourists is down 21% this financial year. anyaberkut

Overseas visitor spending down 21% compared to previous year

THE Fraser Coast's international visitor numbers for the year ending in the June suffered a slight decline, while expenditure by overseas travellers was down by about $7 million, according to the region's tourism body.

About 132,000 international visitors travelled to the Fraser Coast during that period, a decline of 1.6%, according to a statement from Fraser Coast Opportunities.

Visitors arriving for holiday purposes numbered 121,000, down by 1.1%.

The average length of stay for overseas visitors was 4.5 nights and their expenditure totalled $36.7<TH>million, a decrease of 21%.

Fraser Coast Councillor Stuart Taylor, who has the tourism portfolio, said the figures showed encouraging signs while highlighting areas for improvement.

"While initiatives such as the Australia's Nature Coast campaign are delivering strong outcomes in our target overseas markets we note that there is work to be done on increasing length of stay and expenditure."

Despite the decline in visitor numbers, there were encouraging gains in some international markets, including France, Germany, Scandinavia and New Zealand.

Visitors from the United Kingdom were down by 4.6% to about 34,000 visitors, but FCO's acting general manager Brad Nardi said that was compensated by impressive increases in other markets.

The figures have revealed a 13.6% increase in French visitors to 8000, a 28% rise in visitors from Scandinavia to 11,000 and an increase in German tourist up 4.7% to 28,000.

The New Zealand market also grew by 14.2% to 8000 visitors, which was attributed to the Visiting Friends and Relatives tourism campaign.

The statement said Queensland had experienced a 16.6% increase in visitors from Singapore where the Fraser and Sunshine Coast are launching their award-winning Australia's Nature Coast campaign.

"Growth in visitors into Queensland from Singapore is a positive for the Fraser Coast, given the impressive results of the Australia's Nature Coast campaign in other markets," Mr Nardi said.