Severe erosion has left Toogoom homeowners in fear of losing their properties.
Severe erosion has left Toogoom homeowners in fear of losing their properties. John Grey

Toogoom homeowner says rock wall is only one allowed

A HOMEOWNER whose Toogoom property is under threat from erosion has written to other residents in the area, explaining his side of the controversial rock wall argument.

The letter, attributed to Martin Cooper, was dropped in mailboxes on or near Kingfisher Pde.

Mr Cooper said in the letter he was being ignored and wrote of the process undertaken by him and other homeowners to gain support for the wall.

"I have spent a large part of ... the past year helping to get a revetment built," Mr Cooper wrote.

"I can assure you that we have investigated every possible type of solution but many are not allowed due to the restrictions placed on us by the marine park and fish habitat legislation."

Mr Cooper suggested the fear homeowners had of losing their properties had driven them to exclude the rest of the community from the seawall discussions.

"We ... have been criticised for not including the general public ... but please consider how you would feel if your property was under threat and you were faced with a $150,000 bill," he wrote.

"Would you want to be dictated to by people who are not affected, as to what type of structure you'll pay for?"

Mr Cooper said he had witnessed a "physical modelling test", at the University of New South Wales, of the revetment design against 50-year cyclonic storm conditions.

He said the design was the only one the State Government would allow and the homeowners were "hoping to begin the construction in November".

Mr Cooper declined to comment to the Chronicle.

Toogoom seawall proposal

  • 370m rock wall
  • $1.9 million project
  • Council says 16 houses to be protected
  • Homeowners pay for wall through levy
  • Asset transferred to council once built