Lucy, Ruby and Holly Anlezark with their pet Pebbles.
Lucy, Ruby and Holly Anlezark with their pet Pebbles. contributed

Owner wants apology after killer dog declared 'dangerous'

AN unrestrained dog which mauled another dog to death in Toowoomba has been declared dangerous.   

Jack Russell Pebbles was killed by an unleashed husky in front of his horrified owner who was walking him in Highfields in August.   

Toowoomba Regional Council environmental health portfolio leader Cr Joe Ramia said after a thorough investigation, the dog was classified as dangerous.   

"The owner of the dog was issued with fines totalling $504 and is required to follow strict guidelines as a result of the canine being declared a dangerous dog," Cr Ramia said.   

There is now 54 declared regulated dogs across the Toowoomba region, which includes both menacing and dangerous dogs.   

Owners with these pets are listed on council's register of declared dogs and are subject to ongoing compliance checks.   

"The owner must ensure the dog is contained within its enclosure, and when the dog is in a place other than at the owner's property, the dog is to be muzzled and under effective control," Cr Ramia said.   

"The dog must be desexed, registered with council as a regulated dangerous dog and microchipped. The dog must wear a council registration tag as well as a regulated dangerous dog tag.   

"The owner is required to display a "Beware Dangerous Dog" sign at their property.

Six-year-old Pebbles was killed by a husky at Highfields earlier this year.
Six-year-old Pebbles was killed by a husky at Highfields earlier this year. Contributed

"Council undertakes all actions strictly in accordance with the State Government's Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008."  

Pebbles' owner Justin Anlezark had hoped for a harsher penalty for the husky's owner, who he said had gotten away with a serious crime due to complying with council requirements.   

"It is a bit of a sad end to it all," Mr Anlezark said.   

"At least the community in Highfields can now see where the house is and be wary and make sure this owner is cooperative and complies."  

Mr Anlezark added the owner of the husky was "quite rude" as he had shown no remorse for the loss of his family's pet.   

"He hasn't attempted to do anything. We didn't even get an apology or even compensation," he said.   

"It would be Australian of the owners to step forward and take a bit of responsibility."  

While Mr Anlezark knows council has done what it can, he is afraid the risk is still there with the dog still on the streets.   

"The element of risk is definitely still there. He wasn't controlling it in the first place."  

"Hopefully he will step forward and fund our new baby.   

"People have asked if they apologised, but no, they just got to walk away with a smile on their face."  

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