A Mackay p-plater has begged the court for a restricted licence to keep his job.
A Mackay p-plater has begged the court for a restricted licence to keep his job. Lorenzo Cafaro/Pexels

P-plater busted doing 'handbrakies in a Hilux'

A TEEN P-plater busted doing "handbrakies in a Hilux" has begged Mackay Magistrates Court for his licence back so he can keep his job.

Magistrate James Morton ripped into Lleyton Tad Jackson's traffic history, which included reckless driving for attempting a handbrake skid in his 2006 Toyota Hilux.

"Handbrakies in a Hilux ... what were you trying to impress somebody?" Mr Morton said.

"Can't be impressing a girl because no girl would want to see a Hilux doing a handbrakie ... we're in Mackay though, you never know."

The 18 year old's licence was demerit point suspended on June 4 this year, putting him at risk of losing his job as a first-year apprentice carpenter.

"(My boss) needs me to drive to and from (job sites)," Jackson told the court.

The Mackay teen made a special hardship order to the court for a six-month restricted licence while the demerit point suspension was in place.

"You've put it all in jeopardy by being stupid," Mr Morton said, adding that Jackson had a concerning traffic history for an 18 year old.

"He's only a boy in reality because he's still trying to do handbrakies in a Hilux, which is beyond itself stupid," Mr Morton said.

"Have you learnt your lesson? Hiluxes are a car that roll very quick. You know why? Because they're light."

When Mr Morton asked Jackson if he had anything to say, the teen told the court "I've had a long time to think about what I've done".

"I know it's just words, I have had that time to think about it. I won't be doing that again," he said.

Mr Morton said it was questionable whether Jackson was a "fit and proper" person to hold a restricted license.

"I'm going to give you the opportunity to prove me wrong or prove yourself wrong," Mr Morton said, granting the application.