DEVASTATING: While it's not pleasant, Sgt Bazzo said the dreaded phone call is just part of the job.
DEVASTATING: While it's not pleasant, Sgt Bazzo said the dreaded phone call is just part of the job. Mackenzie Colahan

Parent's worst nightmare: Devastating Father's Day call

NOBODY likes to be the bearer of bad news.

For police, it comes with the territory, but can be the most challenging part of an officer's job on the force.

Yesterday, Monto police sergeant Mick Bazzo had to deliver some heartbreaking news.

He phoned a Brisbane man on Father's Day to inform him his son had been killed in a crash on the Burnett Highway.

The dreaded phone call is every parent's worst nightmare.

The 43-year-old Sunshine Coast man is believed to have been travelling to Blackwater, where he works as a mining contractor.

There were no witnesses to the accident but it appears the driver lost control of a work-issue Ford ute, veering off the highway and smashing into a tree near Galloways Lane, Tellebang.

The man was transported to Monto Hospital in a stable condition and was due to be airlifted to Brisbane but passed away.

Sgt Bazzo said the family were understandably devastated.

"Nobody wants to get the news their son has had a car crash, no matter how old they are," he said.

"It's not the most pleasant part of our job but someone has to do it.

"A very experienced and professional team of local emergency services responded well to the scene.

"We've been fortunate over the last five years to have very few serious traffic incidents in the Monto division.

"But one is too many, and that's now two this year."

Contrary to previous reports, Sgt Bazzo said police will be investigating and have refused to rule out any possible causes.

"We're looking at all the possibilities," Sgt Bazzo said.

"At this stage, we don't believe drugs and alcohol were a factor.

"We'll have to wait and hear from the pathologists with the results of an autopsy.

"Whether fatigue was a factor we don't know but we urge drivers to plan ahead and take regular breaks."

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