PARKING PROBLEM: Crystal Lewis in the Yarrilee State School car park.
PARKING PROBLEM: Crystal Lewis in the Yarrilee State School car park. Cody Fox

Parking row as car spaces fall short at Bay school

FOR YEARS, Yarrilee State School parents have been fighting a losing battle.

Some days it seems nearly impossible to find a parking space at the school.

But all that may be about to change.

Just days after the Chronicle started an investigation into the state of parking at the school, it has been announced extra space is in the offing for the school, which now has four times as many students compared to its first year.

The school now has 840 students and a post on the school's Facebook page this week said key representatives from the State Government and Fraser Coast Regional Council had come together to investigate a range of solutions.

According to the post, those solutions could include relocating the bus stop, reconfiguring the existing car park or building a new one, the provision of an additional exit point and the preparation of a map to show available parking at the school.

"The priority for everyone involved is ensuring children are safe, and we thank the large majority of parents and drivers who are doing the right thing by demonstrating patience and abiding by the road rules," the post read.

The council will continue to fine those who park illegally in the area, the post said.

The Chronicle spoke to parents waiting to pick up their children this week and the frustration was clear.

Crystal Lewis has one child at school.

She said the parking situation caused arguments, with parents showing little patience during the long waits.

Several parents expressed safety concerns given the high volume of cars in the area at drop-off and pick-up times.

Kristy Duffy said she was forced to arrive early to try to get a park then often had to wait extended periods to exit.

A spokeswoman from the Department of Education said the school had taken steps over a number of years to reduce traffic congestion outside the school and increase safety for students and other school community members.